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Why Choose a Tax Professional?

   This may seem like self promotion but in light of what has happened and what is about to happen with IRS lets take a closer look.  The IRS, like many government agencies, has to meet many challenges in order to accomplish its stated mission.  Such as having their budget reduced year after year but having to be responsible for the enforcement of the Affordable Care Act.  These problems seem to become increasingly more difficult.  For example, a year ago they had to deal with many tax laws extended right before expiration,  and $100+ million dollars in tax fraud.    These tax cuts are of special interest because they limit the amount of taxpayer support that the IRS can offer. These circumstances will continue into this tax season. IRS personnel will continue to be asked to meet many challenges, while reducing the amount of assistance being given to Taxpayers seeking any help.  Having a Tax Professional on your side would certainly be a great help in dealing with an agency that is