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What people should expect this tax season?

This Tax season has been like none before. I have a few suggestions on how to make thing go a little smoother for you when filing your 2009 Tax Return. First of all, be very careful of what you put on you returns this year because every State and Federal Goverment needs money therefore audit are up. Refunds may be smaller and you may possibly owe because withholdings have been reduced. However, on a lighter note there are new credits this year that may help you out. There is a work opportunity credit. A credit for buying a New vehicle. The new credit for first time homebuyers. Also, if your going Green there are several credits you can take advantage of such as energy and Solar credit and credits for purchasing any Hybrid vehicle, just to name a few. There has also been an increase in Earned Income Credit. I understand that 2009 was a struggling year for many Americans I hope my information can help some of you out. I will be speaking at several Seminars at the Los Angeles Fai